I have been following YOUNG HOUSE LOVE on and off for years, and I had another look at all their spaces today and decided to do a quick summary of all of my favourite ideas of theirs: a cribsheet if you will:

1. In a small bedroom you can still put in twin beds, just make the focus the beds (all in neutrals), have a small side table with storage below, add wall lamps instead of side table lamps and definitely some gorgeous wallpaper for the WOW factor.

2. Don’t be afraid in small bedrooms to place the bed in front of a window, this is a particularly a good idea if the bed has an open headboard.

3. If you have a buffet, sideboard or console table to decorate, go for the trifactor: decorative round mirror, large side table lamp with shade and a pretty potted plant.

4. To bring a bit of interest into a bathroom, place one or two pieces of art above the toilet.

5. No space in the bedroom for a desk or dresser? Convert an alcove or half of the built in cupboards to a shelf desk and install thinner shelves above for storage.

6. Bedroom essentials:
1. Bed and mattress with basic white bedlinen
2. Thick blanket or quilt in a signature colour
3. Three decorative pillows: two the same and one different
4. Side table, ideally with storage
5. Table or Wall Lamp
6. Tree plant in a basket
7. Floor Rug tucked in at the foot of the bed
8. Opt for one piece of art above the bed, or a small piece on either side just above the side tables

7. Hallways are the best spot for family photographs: you get to see them everyday but are not the focus of any specific space.

8. If you are renovating consider a fancy tile in the bathroom to create the WOW factor. Alternatively bring in some pretty wallpaper.

9. Avoid matching lounge sets: opt instead for a variety of materials for the lounge’s sideboard, coffee table and side tables. Same goes for having a different sofa to to the two matching occasional chairs.

10. Even the most basic dining room table and chairs will look fancy if you have a overhead light fixture that steals the show.

11. If you have lots of wall space in a bedroom instead of trying to full all the white space, pick a corner and stack two pieces of art. Also, you can only have so much framed art on the walls, instead try alternative decorative features like a mobile or a wall length mirror.

12. Short on space in a bedroom where the bed totally dominates and definitely no space for a sideboard, wardrobe or chair? Get a bench: it acts as a table, chair and for temporary storage spot.