I am currently planning a client’s office in what was a bedroom and I found analysing Studio Mc-Gee’s recent office makeover the perfect case study.

1. Maximise the size and light in the space by optiong for all white walls, doors and window frames.

2. Neutral wooden floors with a large rectangular pale coloured rug.

3. An overhead ceiling light that makes a statement against the all white ceiling.

4. For the walls: as a focal point and behind the desk a giant, even two large art pieces, also in “pale” blocking colours.

5. Then creating three “stations” 1: The console, 2. The desk and 3. The bookcase.

6. For the console, depending on the client’s storage needs, opt for something open or closed and hang a mirror above to reflect the light from the window. Add accessories: table lamp, vase, baskets, books and candles.

7. My favourite idea stacking artwork, in this case certificates on the one side of the wall – close to the door to make it less obvious.

8. For the desk area: have a large desk with drawers facing the door, standing away from the wall with the chair inbetween. Place alongside a standing floor lamp instead of a desk lamp to create interest.

9. Add a giant tree in the corner and for textured interest place inside a basket.

10. Lastly, on the same wall as the door (so as to avoid a point of focus), set a large book case for books, frames, vases, pot plants and other accessories.