Spotted this bathroom on instagram but the best part was seeing the before and the after which made me look twice. Whilst the before is not that bad, it just shows how new life can be brought into the same space. Naturally, this was a full reno. but it got me to thinking how could one update the old bathroom without guttering everything but get closer to the after photo?

I think one could do a few styling tricks:

The after is beautiful in that the basin and counter are all in one, I think one could “achieve” this look by painting the bottom cabinet white, so that you don’t have this stark outdated contrast at the base. Also, I think by taking away this darker focal point, the tile on the wall will become more of a feature – which is also one of the great looks about the after photo as the blue really does stand out.

Most noticeable the inclusion of art on the left wall, balances the room and makes it less clinical, and so this would also be an easy addition and you could equally use the same picture as the after. I think adding in black elements will bring in some much needed definition that is evident on the after’s picture frame, mirror frame, tapware and toiletries.

Ultimately I think you first would want to do an off centre light feature on the right, as here would be a good place to bring in some much needed black. I also think the addition of three lights would create a much needed focal point as well as “hide” the wall to wall mirror.

The oversized vase brings height and interest but with the basin staying, you would need to do it on the opposite side and on a smaller scale because of the light fittings. A lower potted plant with dark leaves would work well and then pretty much the same “after” hand soaps and towel.

Naturally, this is not the same as a full Reno. but I think one would be amazed and how a bit of shopping nd time would already give a tired old bathroom a bit of a life and life!