The past five weeks I have been on Natalie Walton’s Styling Course, and this week we did bedroom and bathrooms. I enjoyed her course work and spent quite a bit of time looking at my past projects as well as Pinterest to come up with my 10 top tips for styling out a bathroom space. I hope this helps you with your bathrooms too!


1. Clear the clutter by storing all your toiletries in baskets and boxes.
2. Display neatly folded towels, in a neutral colour on a towel ladder and/or face cloths in a pile.
3. Don’t leave any extra TP lying around, place it in a basket.
4. Find a laundry hamper that is interesting and adds a bit of texture to the otherwise smooth surfaces.
5. Buy bath products in pretty packaging: classic toothpaste, bamboo brushes, fluffy sea sponges…
6. An old wooden stool is perfect as a stand for holdng bathing essentials or to display a potted plant.
7. Plants in monochrome pots bring freshness to a windowsill or wash stand (try a mini olive tree, a Chinese money plant or a classic orchid).
8. A round or square marble tray is great for displaying your favourite products, a candle and bottled hand soap.
9. Buy some glass jars or use old candle glasses for storing and displaying make-up brushes and/or cotton wool buds.
10. For those with well ventilated bathrooms, display a mix of black and white prints in different sized black or white frames. I especially like to hang personal photos or mementos.