Are you are looking to make a room a little bit more interesting but ideally takes very little time and money? Then may I suggest hanging a peg rail? There are cheap wooden ones from H&M in three different sizes and in three different colours and as these pictures below suggest 8 different places to make them into a fancy wall feature:

1. Hang a rack in the garden or in the shed for potted plants and gardening tools

2. Definitely set one up in the laundry for cleaning tools: brooms, brushes, dustpans, feather dusters…

3.I love this idea of not only using one to hang up an apron in the kitchen but for bushels of herbs too.

4. An entry way staple, but isn’t it cute to also hang one below for the little ones goodies too!

5. And don’t limit to just indoors, I like the idea of hanging them up outdoors by the patio table or front door.

6. Also, how pretty does one look in this bathroom for towels, brushes, a mirror and even a basket of loo paper!

7. For kids bedrooms this is a must: jackets, bags, backpacks but I really like how this one is also styled with musical instruments and a book bag – helping to get all those goodies up off the floor!

8. Last but not least, one in the main bedroom is great for hanging up clothes instead of a dumb butler – or what a clever idea to put one on the back of a door for all your scarves!

Excited now to get one up? Here is a peak at all the ones I say at H&M.