One of the tips over the years I have learnt about designing a room is that sometimes you just have to make a quick decision and later on you can find the perfect solution. This often happens when I am looking to put art on the wall. Most people then decide not to put anything up – but here is the thing – your space then still looks like you just moved in and it may be months or even years before you find something you love.

So my go-to idea is put up something inexpensive that way when you do find the stunning art piece you already have a frame and the nail is in the wall. YAY! you get to enjoy your fancy new piece asap! In the interim, a simple neutral stand in piece will make your space look decorated and give you a feel for what works in the room and what does not.

Bonus: I was in IKEA last week and I found these four prints all for 15chf! Just perfect for temporary wall art.