My client’s new home that I am decorating has three bedrooms of which two are tiny! because of this it is important to simplfy the rooms’ functions. In this case the one bedroom is going to be exactly that JUST a bedroom. Instead of trying to squash in a desk/chair/more storage: the focus is going to be just on sleeping!

Fortunately the bedroom already has built-in cupboards and so all clothing can be stored in here, and as it is the guest bedroom, not too much is storage is required. Similarly, there is a second bathroom, so this space will focus on getting dressed (full length mirror) and putting on make up (mirror, counter) thus allowing the bedroom to once again only focus on sleeping. Like wise, it is a huge plus that there is a lounge for TV watching and large room upstairs for a big study come office space.

As so many other tasks have been delegated to other spaces, this allows the room to focus solely on sleeping and therefore even though small, we are planning a double (maybe a queen bed at a push) in the small space. Space will be created by not having curtains but built in in sliding shutters in the windows, resulting in the bed being able to pushed up against the window. This allows for walkways on both sides of the bed and small stool like side tables.

As the side tables surface area will be small, no side lamps will be added taking up space, but instead install wall mounted lamps that can plug in (thus also avoiding the need for fancy electrical work). Next up, to increase the surface space in the room, the idea is to place a small bench right up to the end of the bed – therefore finishing off this detail and providing space for someone to sit and put on their shoes or lay their suitcase on when visiting.

And then everything is going to be done in neutrals to give the illusion of it being a large space! Any other small space styling ideas? Do share.