In Good Company Design and it’s services are all detailed here but I thought it would be a good idea to discuss the thoughts behind the services and how the process works. Our first service we do is the Pro Plan. It is a one-on-one interior design consultation where together you and I would meet up personally or I am also happy to do it online and we spend one to two hours formulating an overall vision for your space.

Before we meet up, I send you a two page questionnaire that you complete. It is quick and fun and is a critical step. At our meeting our first step is to then work through the questionnaire together and discuss your specific space. For the second step, we get active and physically work through a 100 plus photos of styled spaces reconfirming the style that you like. This results in the development of an overall vision board for your space and my favourite tip from the Three BIrds Renovations Course I did: a house hashtag!

Best of all, this meeting is just that a free consultation to help you decide what you may like to do in your space. You can then in your own time decide if you want to decorate the space or if you would like to take the next step with In Good Company Design and have me help you along the way. Our Premium Room Plan will then kick in and I will share thoughts behind this in the next blog post – but you can check out all the details here already.

Keen to meet up and discuss your space? Get in touch!