One of these fine days, I will actually shoot our outdoor spaces, but in the interim I have been making notes since I saw Sarah’s beautiful spaces over on CB2. Sarah really is a design star at the moment. There are so so many beautiful design elements, but a few of my favourites are:

THE BOLD BROLLIE The black and white striped pagoda umbrella. I actually have two of these in Cape Town but it was a mission to buy these from the US, that as much as I want one for Switzerland it is just not going to happen. But it does prove the point that even just one bright brollie can really make a space.


THREE IN A ROW I’m not crazy about the colour and style of these deck chairs, and I am not sure about those overhead sunvisors – but in terms of styling I do love how multiples are repeated and I have my eye on that towel basket.

BLACK BACKGROUND One of the things that striked me most about making this outdoor lounge space look so good was not the furniture but the actual backdrop: the black panel siding. I don’t have anywhere at the moment that this coudl work but definitely filing this away for future ideas.

BIG, BIGGER, BEST The indoor conservatory is beautiful – and the stars of the space must be the big rug, the oversized pendant and that large round table. Now I just need a conservatory!

PLANTS + POTS + PLANTS Sarah even admits in her interview that the secret to her spaces is having lots and lots of potted plants.

COFFEE TABLE STYLING 101 This is just a perfect example of what to put on a coffee table: something green (a potted plant/vase of flowers), something pretty (her string of oversized ceramic beads), something that smells nice (an incense burner or a ceramic candle) and something to read (giant coffee table books).

FIREPIT FIX A firepit is becoming a garden must have, and Sarah’s firebowl + rockers proves that it needn’t be a big permanent installation to look good.

DINING RE-DO? I nearly always love everything that Sarah does, but I have to say this seating area was a bit of a let down – maybe it is because literally all it looks like is a table with 6 chairs flaoting in a big open space: no rugs, sideboards, no shade. But it is still pretty and I do think her table choice is lovely but I probably would have gone for a bigger size and kept the chairs all the same.

CERAMIC SUCCESS This is where I think the whole style comes together – Sarah not only chose beautiful ceramic vases and tableware in lovely sorbet shades – but I love how many of them are oversized. Something that I think is key in an outdoor space.