I have been looking at a few of the One Room Challenge and I was interested in Blue Style’s Patio Reveal as I am curretly looking to give our balcony off our bedroom a bit of a makeover. The style and colours of her room are not going to work in our space but what I think is so helpful is to see what type of elements she brought into hers and what works well.

The corner lounger with the built in side tables is definitely the new look for Summer 2019. I think this is a big improvement of the more bulky outdoor seating sets of years past. Both our grey set downstairs and our brown set upstairs on the balcony are much larger pieces and I won’t be replacing ours just yet but if you are in the market for a new set I would definitely recommend this new sleeker look.

Spotted this set at Livique:

This one at Maisons de Monde:


One element of furniture that I am keen to replicate are the sling back chairs. These mirror the popular interior ones that you see in indoor spaces and I love all the options I see in stores.

Depot has this one:

Manor have these:

After these main pieces are in, the next step I see was to add in low tables and I agree with her choices: a round coffee table and round stool shaped side tables. Not only does this maximise the space but breaks up all the lines of the larger pieces. One thing I would do differently is use different materials: so instead of a metal coffee tables and metal side tables. I would choose ones made from natural materials like wood or wicker. I would also select items that could support the weight of a person that way the tables could also easily be “benches” or “stools” when you have lots of guests over.

I already have a large square coffee table that is the same as the furniture (sad face) but if I was in the market I would definitely have my eye on this one from HK Living:

And for side tables I bought a similar pair from Manor, but mine had cord seating instead of the basket weave. I like the idea that It can be used as a stool and then you just add a tray or wooden board and it serves as a side table.

I love how she included a large variety of plants: metal plant stands, a large glass bubble vase for monstera leaf fronds and lots of potted plants on coffee and side tables. I would however only do real plants though. I have garden planter stands, similar Livique glass bottle vases and for potted plants I picked up these rustic looking ones from IKEA.

The rug she chose totally makes her space and so I am now a huge advocate for outdoor rugs. Fortunately it seems all the furniture stores got on board with this this Summer and the choices are endless as well as I happy to see they make extra large ones too. I loved the options at Livique – I bought this one:

For cushions, I like the idea how she made sure they suit the overall theme and match the carpet. For this reason for my own style and look I am opting to do the same (rustic, bits of terracotta, slightly African bush themed etc.). It helped so much seeing it styled already as I could gauge that I need 4 square 50×50 cushions (2 pairs), another fun stand alone 50 x 50 cushion and then ideally another 2 rectangular small cushions all just for the lounger. It did also help seeing the whole space and realising that cushions for the sling back chairs are then not necessary but a throw is a great idea! So I am going to see what I already have and if I need maybe another one or two scatter cushions…

I’m not convinced about the curtains in this photo?!? But I do like the idea of hanging art up outside. I actually bought a whole bunch of these wicker baskets for our balcony but when I got home I realised there is literally not one wall to hang them on. (Our bedroom on the balcony side is completely glass). But I will let oyu know what I do with them!

And then finally, I like the idea of small lanterns and planter pots on the table, I would though once again opt for real plants instead.

Are you planning a summer patio or balcony makeover? Here is a little shopping list:

Sofa seating for 4-6 guests, Occasional Chairs x 2, XL Outdoor Rug, Coffee table, Stool/Side Tables x2, Square cushions 2 x 2 pairs, x 1; Rectangular cushions x 2, XL Planter Pots x 2, XL Round planter pot x 1, Small table pots x 2/3, Glass Bubble Vase, Table Lanterns x 2, Trays x 2, Throw x 1, Wall Art x 1 or small multiple pieces in odd numbers 3/5 and plants, plants, and more plants!

And my shopping list: Occasional Chairs x 2, Square cushions 2 x 2 pairs and maybe some more plants – and then I will do a big reveal!