One of the new series that I am starting on the blog and specifically my house posts is Inspirational Images. Last weekend, we visited the Zurich Kunsthaus Museum and I have decided that if I am ever feeling uninspired I should just head there. We only went for an hour, and I came out feeling so creative and keen to put some of the awesome artist ideas into action. I will hopefully be able to share some of these soon, but just before we left I made everyone quickly head upstairs to take a few moments to enjoy this:

It made me realise the true wonder of art and how every space should have something beautiful on the walls. I had to smile later that day too, as when I was checking out the IKEA website for work, I spotted this for only 30chf and at a great size too 140 x 56cm – perfect for a passageway or laundry room. Now there is no excuse for blank walls!