I am currently designing a client’s very small dining area and I love the idea of avoiding a typical “boxed” set of table and chairs. I want to create interest and so have a table’s material completely different from the chairs. As the space is small I am definitely leaning towards a round marble table with a centre stem instead of multiple legs (the marble tulip table is perfect) and as for the chairs I am quite keen on the Panton chair. It is a classic but I think for very good reason and I think will ground the dining area more and avoid the situation of everything “floating” on the floor. Especially as I don’t think a carpet will work in this space nor with the sliding chairs. Plus I am planning a large comfy rug for the lounge area which is so close by. What do you think of the Panton chair, too modern?

Also am loving this idea of having one in a bathroom isntead of a stool!

FAVOURITE FINDS – The Panton Chair from Vitra.

PS How cool are thiese wicker ones!