Most of my work centres around decorating as opposed to designing houses and rooms from scratch. I am totally comfortable guttering my own rooms and replacing windows, walls, ceilings, tiles, permanent fixtures – but I confess I would want to do alot more of the above before I take on client’s big renovation projects. I am pretty sure it would look lovely, but I would need experience in being able to vouch that it will wear well.

Case in point, I have been seeing a big trend towards have Zellige tiling in kitchens, bathrooms and floors. And whilst it looks lovely I am not convinced it will wear well. I get the feeling that it is difficult to clean, would possible wear away/chip over long periods of time and my gut tells me whilst fashionable now, one may tire of it soon. Or even if you love it infinitely, should you wish to sell your property many folks would not be so keen epsecially if it is colourful!

But to be fair that is the age old problem with tiling, and is not unique to Zellige. But if you love the look and want a quick solution, why not opt for “classic aka boring” floor tiles but bring the look to the top of a stool or table. I am loving these round coffee tables from Maison du Monde. And now that I have Zellige on my mind, I will do a little update if I find any other cool goodies featuring them!