Decorating for every season often seems a task that requires alot of effort and expense. But it doesn’t have to be. One of my favourite tricks is to initially decorate a living room in neutrals: curtains, rugs and couches. Then to buy some good high quality sturdy cushions in neutrals too. One for each occassional chair and then at least one in each corner of the sofa. Often I opt for another one in each corner in a different neutral but with a varying texture: think wool or velvet or fur.

Then every season I add in some signature seasonal cushions. I have found that by having 50 x 50cm filler cushions (one for each occassional chair and one for each centre of each sofa) it is easy to source cheap colourful and patterned options for each season.

This year H&M had a fantastic range and some were only 8chf each. Considering I only need 4 in total, I was able to get a whole new look for my living room for under 50chf. And still have some money leftover for H&Ms matching candles/ paper napkins. Plus, the covers are easy to store and bring out each season with minimal effort.






even special ones for CHRISTMAS

NEW YEARS EVE/Fancy Dinner Party